Snowjam 2014

Good God, y’all. I live in Atlanta. WTF just happened to us?


I was one of the fortunate and lucky. I typically have a 35 minute commute. I left my office at 12:30pm. I got home at about 3pm. That was a struggle. The roads were already icing and cars were already abandoned. I contemplated parking my car at my brother’s (which is about a 1.5 miles from my house) and walking home. I decided to just brave it and make it home.


Seriously. Don’t. I love that the person doing the ticker had some humor. Luckily, I got home safe and sound, and promptly went for a run. Hell, it wasn’t *that* bad… yet.


So, that was a cold, but pretty awesome 4 mile run. It felt really liberating to do. Besides, now that I’m exercising for fun and not for results I’ve found I enjoy running A LOT more. This is the entrance to our park that I run through. The house is a little over a mile from the park. If I do a big loop it’s between a 4-5 mile run. This loop requires I run on the main road where cars driving by can see me. That was a big day for me the first time I did it (last week.) I still have that paranoia that people are judging me. Mostly because I am a judgey bitch and do the same when I’m in my car. I draw the line at verbal commentary though. It’s one of my pet-peeves when people give me the verbal “you can do it!” while I’m running. Last week I was running through the park. In a really great place. Pleased with my pace. Feeling good. And some skinny dude goes jogging by and gives me a big thumbs up, yelling out, “Don’t give up! You got this!” WTF? God, it pisses me off. He might as well have yelled, “Run, Fat Shit, Run!” Because that’s what I heard. I KNOW they’re trying to be nice and supportive, but guess what? No one yells that shit at skinny people. I hate being treated differently. The only time I’m okay with people cheering me on is at a sanctioned race. Not some skinny dude thinking he’s giving me the motivation to keep going – because guess what, dude? You’re not. I’m my driving force. /rant


So, now that my little fit fury is over. That was Tuesday! Then on Wednesday I walked to my brother’s to play with my Nephews in the snow and sled. I baked chocolate chip cookies first thing and walked them over there. I only fell and busted my ass twice on the way.

skatingrink abandonedcars

The left is our main road. It was a skating rink. The ice covered the reflectors in the street. The right are abandoned cars. It was really eerie and ghost town like. I hope to have pictures of my big ass sledding soon. It was hilarious. I can’t tell you the last time I laughed that hard. What was fantastic was I wasn’t at all concerned with what I looked like. I know I was with family, but it’s that ingrained feeling of someone pointing and laughing at the fat person. It felt really great to just get out there and have fun.

Yesterday, Kevin and I walked to the grocery store and back. A good little 2 miler. And today? We’re suppose to see mid-50s, so hell yes to a run!

In life news, I feel like my body has finally reset from the Miscarriage/D&C. My cycle is normal again and I’ve broken out like an 11 year old girl hitting puberty. I’m not flipping out all the time and emotionally, I’m not nearly as sad. The doctor said it could took 2-3 cycles to reset. It’s been a full 3 and I finally feel like my old self. I’m getting back into the groove of exercising 3-5 times a week. My jeans are tight, which just means I need to eat more mindfully.

Life feels good right now.

4 thoughts on “Snowjam 2014

  1. The traffic sounds pretty horrendous, but I’m so jealous that you have snow. We’ve had torrential rain for the last month, and I’d just love a change in the weather. I’m realy glad to hear things are getting better for you x

  2. Glad you got home safe! Also happy to hear that you’re feeling well 🙂 Hold on through those cold wintery days! 😉

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