Weekend Recap


That about sums up my weekend! Saturday was full of Youth Football and then the US National Men’s Soccer team. We had my brother’s family over and I made homemade baked empanadas. Delish!

Sunday morning I baked and then went for a run before we attended a Chili Cook-off Super Bowl Party. The difference between last year and this year is really something. I can vividly recall being distraught about the Super Bowl Party we were attending last year because how would I count points? How would I have total control of my food? How would I track every single thing going into my mouth? I didn’t enjoy myself last year because I was so stressed. This year, I had a couple of cups of chili, some tortilla chips and a glass and a half of wine. About half way through my second glass of wine it lost its appeal – so, are you ready for it? I threw it away. WHAT?! There were a million dips and spreads, cookies and candies, hell – even my cupcakes, but none of them sounded good.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I hear ya on the stress front with events like this. I used to stress, too. This time around I just wasn’t hungry much so it was easy to leave a lot of the food. It feels so much better to be in control without having to be controlling over everything.

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