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My official weigh in at WW on Saturday morning was 211.00. That is 35% of my highest weight lost forever. 35% – that is insane.   My first goal is to hit 199 (obviously) but I am ultimately looking to reach 175lbs as my goal weight and then focus on muscle/lifting/toning. I know for a … Continue reading

Training, Bashing and Cakes

Two weeks training and feeling good! Started week three this week and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been working on my swim and using a High Elbow Catch to improve my swim. Definitely different muscles, as my forearm was sore. Ha! It’s made a huge difference already in my time, so I’m quite excited. … Continue reading


I get questions often and someone on 3FC posted this series. I thought I’d share my answers and I’m happy to field any other questions. I’ve made a “questions” page where I’ll post any and all questions I’ve gotten (ask anything you’d like.) Feel free to send your questions to: somuchfattitude@gmail.com How much weight have … Continue reading


I was born and raised Catholic (though no longer practicing) and at the age of 15 I was on a weekend retreat. We were given multiple letters from people in our lives to read and reflect on. I still have many of them, but I often find myself re-reading the one from my brother. While … Continue reading

A Toast To You

I spoke to the LA Fitness rep on the phone last night as I drove home. She kept apologizing to me, to me personally, like she had insulted me. But this wasn’t for me. This was for every one that is too afraid to go to the gym because they might be singled out.This was … Continue reading


It’s exhausting, this weekly game I play. Mon-Fri perfectly on plan. I do SO good. Sat-Sun I fall apart. My eating is better, but I drink. I’m social, I love bourbon and my friends are drinkers, too. This weekend may have been a touch better because I kept my eating under control, but still – … Continue reading