French Onion Soup – 7pp



I’ve had quite a few people ask me about French Onion Soup. Is it hard to make? How do you make it? Can I have some? Etc.

French Onion Soup is probably one of the easiest soups to make in my opinion. It’s incredibly flexible. Don’t like beer? Use wine. Don’t like wine or beer? Fine, don’t use it. All the booze cooks out anyhow. Don’t have provolone? Fine, use a different mild white cheese (gruyere, swiss, etc.) Counting carbs? Skip the bread.  This is the way I like it, and the way my daddy always made it – except mine is Reduced Fat.   Here we go:

Thangs You Need:

3 large Vidalia (sweet) onions, sliced 1/8th thick

32oz beef stock

1 can beer 


2tbsp butter (or light butter, or EVOO, or skip it, idgaf) – I use Land O’ Lakes Whipped Butter 

25% Reduced Fat Provolone (I used Alpine Lace)

RF Mozzarella (I used Trader Joe’s Lite Mozzarella – it melts really well)

4oz of some sort of crusty bread cut into cubes – I like sourdough

  • Take your butter and melt it in the bottom of a stock pot.
  • Caramelize your onions (low and slow).
  • Add your beef stock.
  • Let simmer for a couple of hours, or however long you feel like waiting.
  • Add can of beer and let simmer 30 minutes.
  • Season to taste with salt.
  • Pour into 4 different oven safe soup bowls.
  • Top each one with one ounce of crusty bread.
  • Top crusty bread with one slice of provolone.
  • Top each one with 1 ounce RF Mozzarella.
  • Broil until the top looks how you want it.



292kcal/30g carbs/12g fat/18g protein/2g fiber

*I sprinkle a little parsley on top because I’m a fancy bitch.

*Sometimes if I feel insanely fancy I will throw a small bay leaf in while it simmers. 

*The longer you let any soup cook and blend the better it is, but it’s no big thing if you don’t want to wait.

*This is also a great soup to freeze. I typically make a batch and we eat half then and freeze the rest. 




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