Dear Target, please get your shit together

TargetThe fatty girl clothes in our Target are banished to the far back corner. Sure, maybe the maternity clothes outnumber the big girls sizes, which I can only reason as to the fact that Target must think the demand for the 5 months of maternity clothes outweigh the demand for years, if not a lifetime of fatty girl sizes. Or maybe it’s because Target thinks Maternity and Fatty Girl clothes are for the same people. Yes, maybe the fatty girl clothes and the maternity clothes are often lumped together, weaving through racks – checking the tags to see if they say maternity on it or not – eventually saying, “fuck it” because you’ve accidentally tried on a maternity top but love the way it looks on you (that damn empire cut) so you get it and rip out the maternity tag when you get home. Someone asks? “Oh – this old thing? I’ve had it for so long I’ve worn the tag off! Look!” Okay, so maybe they see different shades of the color grey and see “Manatee Grey” for the big girls, and “dark heather gray” for the non big girls. But guys, despite all of that I still prefer Target’s Big Girl section to Macy’s. I mean, hell, in our Macy’s it’s in the depth of the basement, two floors down, and I often wonder if the lights will be on or not – and it consists of two moo-moos and a pair of Apple Bottom Jeans. Old Navy is hit or miss. They’re like the bi-polar cousin that sometimes you love hanging out with and other times you just don’t get it. So, I go to Target.

I had a very interesting conversation with one of their employees, who also happened to be a big girl. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Where did the big girl section go?

Her: It’s in clearance.

Me: What? No, I mean the non-clearance big girl section.

Her: Yeah, it’s all in clearance. Everything we have left is in clearance.

Me: Wait… So, you’re telling me there is no big girl section?

Her: Yeah, we’re getting a new designer sometime this year so they discontinued the line and put it all on clearance. They told us “Big Changes are coming.”

Me: Is that because we’re big girls? Big girls need love, too… that’s messed up.

Her: *chuckles*

Me: Any clue on when?

Her: Nope. Just this year sometime.

Me: Again, that’s messed up. Thanks for your help.

Me: Walks my big ass over to bi-polar ย Old Navy that seems to be having a great day, and gets a new dress.

Oh Target, please get your shit together.

24 thoughts on “Dear Target, please get your shit together

  1. I loathe shopping for clothes.

    What you described above is why one of my biggest motivators to lose weight is clothing. I want to not have to go to special non-existent sections of factored to buy clothes. I want to buy my clothing ANYWHERE I want.

    Mervyns who have since gone belly up, had the best anywhere. Now it is all moomoos and curlers for us big girls.

    I’ve been lucky lately at Ross of all places. Sure there are still the moomoos and stuff that only our Moms would where, but I’m in my 30s and want to still look cute even with all my fat thank you!

  2. Ross is pretty decent here for plus sizes, actually. Our area was making progress and there were plus sizes everywhere. Suddenly, in the past few months – things have started going back to crap clothes. Very bothersome.

  3. I’ve struggled with this issue as well. I actually find quite a few cute things at Target, so maybe I live in an area where they are still stocking them, but my go-to stores are Old Navy (mostly online – great styles and prices and easy return policy) and thrift stores. We have a thrift store in my area called Savers and I find FANTASTIC plus size stuff there on a regular basis. Even brand new sometimes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We were ok around here for awhile too, but then Lane Bryant closed, Mervyns went belly up, Kohls is for an older clientele and Target, well, they have the “big girls” clothes to a 6 foot section of a wall by the dressing rooms.

    Now, we would need to drive over an hour to any store that has anything someone in their 30’s would want to wear… unless I’m lucky at Ross.

  5. We just got a Target store in Regina (It’s new to Canada) and I asked an employee where their plus size section was and she looked at me and said they don’t have one then she just walked away. I haven’t been back. When I was at one in South Dakota I found the perfect pair of jeans…the last ones on the rack of course. The next time I went back they didn’t carry them any more. I mostly shop at Penningtons or Rietmans (they are a 14+ store) and they are getting more into “not so old lady” looking clothes and I like them. The frustration I have is the cost of clothes for my plus sizeness…so expensive! Thrift stores are a close second when I shop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yeah – the LB near me closed, but there are still a few within distance. They are super expensive, in my opinion though! No Mervyns here. Sometimes I have luck a Kohls depending on what I’m looking for.

  7. That is a whole other matter. $$$$$$$$. Why is it that just because we are bigger do we have to pay sometimes $10 + more than someone else? Yes, there is more fabric, but don’t go throwing labor in there. It’s easier to sew a bigger piece than a smaller piece of clothing. UGGGG! It’s so frustrating!

  8. “โ€œManatee Greyโ€ for the big girls” I just spit coffee through my nose! Hilarious! I often thought about that particular shade as I walked through the plus-sized section of many stores.

  9. I’m not sure, I didn’t think to ask, maybe I’ll have to go check it out. I think Penningtons is a Canadian store, but they are fantastic…you can check them out online and they might ship?

  10. I hear you! Why are maternity and plus sizes always mixed? It makes no sense to me. I weave through the plus sizes, and when I finally find something i like, it’s because I crossed over to the maternity. Even fat people want to dress nice! Spread the word.

  11. I bought a gorgeous shirt at a thrift store once and didn’t realize it was maternity until I got home and the label had some tag eluding to “mommy” or something. I blushed for a few minutes and said “oops”… but its so damn flattering lol new to your blog, will definitely be following ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I once wrote a scathing (well, I thought it was, anyway) email to corporate Target about the location of their plus sizes. Not only is it mixed in with maternity, BUT it’s right next to the fitting room where they inevitably pile all the carts full of clothes to be reshelved/hung whatever. There have been times that I’ve had to shove three carts aside just to look at a freaking shirt. Downright insulting. Oh, look at the fat girl having to move all the carts! Look at her sweat! BAHAHAHAHA!

  13. Yes, me too. I didn’t really shop at target before. But a friend of mine loves target. So I went in to give it a go all I could see was maternity clothes. Small selection. Although, I did get some shirts for like $3 and $5 on clearance. I was in desperate need of work shirts. After seeing your comment above I might give maternity shirts ago. I’m also working on my weight loss. I just started and will be blogging too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. so i loved fashion bug which is a division of lane bryant that has younger styles. i looked it up and there is one in lawrenceville thats not to far from you. i would suggest trying there.

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