FitBit Recall: Fail

FitBitFail Well shit, my FitBit is dead and they’re doing a recall – so I’m getting in on that.

They’re doing the recall because of Skin Irritation. They’ve also taken these off of the shelves. That blows. My skin never once bothered me with the FitBit and I have ridiculously sensitive skin, or as I like to put it, I’m allergic to “cheap.” Mine is going back because of this ridic condensation on the inside, it came unsealed, and it’s refusing to sync with anything. Oh shit, that’s the wrong reason. My skin is on fire.


I feel so naked, and I need to get my nails done. Don’t judge me. I heard Apple might be doing an iWatch in the near future which would include a fitness tracker component.

Anyone else doing the recall? If so, what are you moving onto, switching to?

18 thoughts on “FitBit Recall: Fail

  1. I have the FitBit One so I don’t know if there is a recall or not. Mine seems to be syncing to my phone automatically, but I can’t get it to sync manually to my computer or so the update. Hummmm.

    My hubby had a Flex, like yours and didn’t have the skin irritation either. The clasp on it was weak and Bleh and it fell off somewhere down the line probably at work since we haven’t found it around the house.

    I know lots of peeps who have the jawbone and love it.

  2. I looked at the Jawbone, but a huge selling point for me on the Force is that it has the watch component, and I can click through everything on the face of it. I know it’s silly when I can open the app on my phone, but it’s a whole lot easier to scroll through my FB while running vs. pulling my phone out.

  3. I heard about that problem a few months ago when it first came out but the media was saying that the skin irritation was rare. Must not be so rare anymore. I think I’d feel naked without my FitBit One. I’ve worn it every single day for probably about a year now.

  4. I was just looking at FitBit stuff last night. I did see they posted a recall on one type and had another one on sale….so I don’t know. They have a scale too?? Wow, I am so out of the loop on all this fitness technology…time to get educated!

  5. I had the fitbit force and used it from Dec. 26th – Jan. 27th; only 2x at night and never in the shower. Interesting that yours had condensation; so that means its not as tightly sealed as fitbit says. I was so excited to use mine and see my progress then one day just woke up with a burn one morning. No itching or anything until one morning. I’m very disappointed with this device. It was the newest latest greatest fitness tracker and was a gift. I wish fitbit would’ve tested it first. Oh well, no idea what to use; I traded it for the fitbit zip and that stopped synching after 3 days. Anyone else?

  6. I’ve been using the Fitbit One for the past nine months – no problems so far – I love it. I wear it in my bra so that it lessens the chance of losing it or throwing it into the laundry. And it seems really accurate too with counting stairs, steps and even tracking how many times I’m awake at night.

  7. I had a Fitbit Force and am doing the recall. I personally had no problems with it myself (didn’t bother my skin) but I didn’t want to take a chance. I already had a Fitbit One that I replaced with the Fitbit Force so I am temporarily using it until I see what replacement Fitbit comes up with. I’ve looked at competitors, but really prefer the Fitbit. I liked being able to wear it on my wrist. DH has the Flex but it has no display on it and doesn’t tell you flights of stairs. On the other hand, the Flex has different bands you can use which is nice, really, nice. The only negative of one worn on the wrist is that it doesn’t easily pick up steps pushing a shopping cart and the One picks up steps on the treadmill better than the Force does. On the other hand, the Force picked up using my rower as steps, while the One doesn’t.

  8. Hmmm…..see, I’ve only run in my FitBit, it’s been too cold to bike, so that’s interesting to think about the differences. I also have a Flex at the house that I really just need to put on and get over that it doesnt have the display that I want. LOL – I’m hoping FitBit releases a new one soon!

  9. Yeah, one of my best friends has a jawbone. I’m thinking about it – but I really want the display on the face of it. I have enjoyed actually having a watch. What’s your favorite thing about the jawbone?

  10. I quite like that it’s not as bulky on the wrist. But I hear you on the display face. I’ve never worn a watch anyway so I guess that’s why it’s never been an issue for me.

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