A Perfect Time To Fall In Love Again

Kevin and I had a GLORIOUS weekend celebrating his cousin’s wedding in Athens, Georgia. We made an event out of it and stayed an extra night to just reconnect and have a mini vacation.

QuestBarsI rushed home from work on Friday, bot not without picking up a new shirt from Target and some Quest Bars. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM QuestBars. I don’t think I’ve mentioned them here, but they are the best protein bars I have ever found. 20g of protein, around 180 calories, and low carb. They aren’t chalked full of processed crap and have no sugar added. They are even better when you microwave them for 10 seconds. Their site also features recipes you can make with the bars. I’m limiting my intake of them. It’s difficult. Anyhow, I digress….

It’s always nice to have little get away and reconnect. We needed a nice, relaxing, stress free weekend – mission accomplished.

Endomondo greenshirtI had just finished getting ready when I got that in my email. Here I’ve been giving myself a hard time about not really sticking to my 30DORย and low and behold I was actually really, really active. I walked twice a day, most days and threw in a couple longer run/walk/SWOG on the weekends. I even did my yoga DVD a few times. This was definitely the boost I needed and had me feeling like a rock star! I was grinning – hence my new shirt and smiling pic on the right! Kevin (and most of the world) always says I’m too hard on myself. Hmm…maybe he’s right…but don’t tell him that. We did a ton of walking in Athens and I did my 10k a day while there! I also really focused on my intuitive eating skills since I knew I’d be drinking. The night we got there I had a roasted chicken breast with fried okra. I ate all of the chicken and maybe a fourth of the okra – oh, and a mac and cheese ball. Yum! The next day, we ate lunch at Barberitos and I had a burrito bowl. It wasn’t really hitting the spot so I didn’t finish it.

fullbodycreeper My adorably silly husband and my banging new dress! I’m not typically one for the full body shot, but despite my weight gain, I was loving my reflection. Yes, those are hips for days with a small waist, but damn – I’ve love my curves. Always have and always will. I’ve always loved the voluptuous look, I’ve just wanted a healthier version of it. Hourglass for real, y’all. I still plan on keeping all of those curves and my goal weight is still considered “overweight.” ย I felt like my old self looking in that mirror. I felt beautiful and sexy. I felt happy. Mostly, what I saw in that mirror was confidence. I felt proud of myself and proud to be on Kevin’s arm all night. Everything I’d been missing I saw again. I felt incredible and was ready to dance the night away!

barpic We had a little pre-wedding vodka soda at our hotel bar before we made our way to the chapel, and just truly enjoyed our time together. We talked and laughed and reminisced about our own wedding. I was reminded yet again why I am so in love with Kevin and how happy he makes me. It’s funny how attending weddings make you think so much about your own. It’s just associated with good times and happiness. It was absolutely wonderful. I soaked up every second of our weekend together.

picswiththegirlsjagerbombs There was a bit of a time gap between the wedding and reception so we met up with my Sister in Law (on the right) and her best friend (middle) and some Jagerbombs. Hey – everything is walking distance in Athens! The reception was beautiful and full of craft beer. I’m typically not a classy beer drinker and enjoy my Miller Lite and Michelob Ultra, but I’ll be honest – I tried some of the craft beers and really enjoyed the Good Humans brew.

mmathens The wedding was beautiful. Megan made an absolutely stunning bride. The kind out of a magazine. We partied the night away after the wedding on the streets of Athens – with her in her dress, nonetheless. As she said, she’ll never wear the thing again! Kevin and I called it quits at about 3am, but not without a stop at Waffle House before we went back to the hotel. It was neccessary – and delicious.

To sum it all up – we had an amazing time with amazing family and friends.

We came home and promptly went to my brother’s to celebrate my nephew, Kai’s 9th Birthday. For his present, we are taking him to see the Harlem Globetrotter’s next weekend, where he and Uncle Kevin get to go on the court before the game and play with the team! His mind was blown. He fake fainted, and fell out on the floor. Looked at us both and said, “You just took my breath away.” He was totally shocked and blown away. I’m most excited! So, let’s end this with a picture of two of my favorite boys:


How was y’alls weekend?

11 thoughts on “A Perfect Time To Fall In Love Again

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Glad to hear it. Our weekend was same ole, which I love ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow all your happiness and glow really shine through your writing here. So good to see you in such high spirits! And, of course, you look stunning. Your hourglass is out of this world. Love it all!

    What fun to go out for a night on the town in The Dress. Megan sounds awesome, and based on the pictures on fb, she and her (brand new!) hubby really make each other smile. I’m so glad you guys got this little getaway. It seems to have done wonders for you.

    TBH, I waited a little while to read this entry because I’ve been getting a bit weird about being single, but it didn’t make me sad at all! I am just so happy for all of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, Kevin is a little bit of a creeper. I mean, you already know that. But that shit is hilarious.

  3. What a SUPER positive entry!! The energy and the happiness just shone out of your post, it made me smile! You go girl, how wonderful for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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