Project 30 Days: Get Your Shit Together

I ate too much and drank too much this weekend. Friday night I baked a cake I was catering for a surprise 30th birthday. Yes, I also bake. (I’ll post pics when I get them back.) After finishing my cake we promptly walked to the bar and met up with friends. Hey – we walked the mile there – that counts for something, right? So, needless to say, I drank too much. Saturday I did fine until this party where I also ate too much and drank too much. My redeeming factor that on Sunday I did wake up and take a two mile walk with Kevin and then proceed to come home and run 2 miles. Unfortunately, the scale doesn’t give a shit, I’m up in water weight and I weigh in on Tuesday. So, on that note I present project, 30 Days: Get Your Shit Together.

30daysimage (8) OK guys, 30 days. I’ve decided that I’m going to quit dicking around and break the habit of making excuses to not run. Therefore, I will run daily for 30 days. I started yesterday. It takes 30 days to make or break a physical habit, so 30 days of daily running here I come. I’ve hear people say shit like, “You shouldn’t run ever day.” That’s correct…if you’re running marathons daily, but I can run every day doing the distances that I am. I never go more than 7 miles a day – so I feel fairly confident that I can safely run on a daily basis. I am also going to work on my running selfies. Because I’m a hipster.

I also made this chart of 30 days of motivational crap because I get off on lists and checking things off. Feel free to DL and use if you’d like! 30dayspic

Would LOVE if some other people wanted to join!

11 thoughts on “Project 30 Days: Get Your Shit Together

  1. this is great!. iwould love to join you!. iwill start today. only thing is, icant run anywhere close to 7 miles. 1.5miles is my strong point. I may be able to do up to 3miles at a given time. if this is okay with you, I will join the challenge!

  2. Do whatever feels comfortable for you! I only seem to run 7 when I’m running on the beach. Aside from that, it’s anybodies guess as to what the day will bring! LOL.

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  4. I really need this. Only it won’t necessarily be running. But it’ll be something everyday in terms of exercise. And eating clean(er). I move on the 1st so I’ll start a new lifestyle then, but I’ll start practicing now of course!

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