This is my excited face…

RunningFace I’m trying so desperately to get back into the groove of running. So far – running 1 me 0. I ran once this week. Which is more than last week. I’m hoping that with the temps cooling down I’ll be more inclined to actually go for a run. I’m going to be screwed in November if I can’t get it together…because I am now signed up for 3 races.

November 2: Strong Legs Run 10k

November 16: Tap N’ Run 4k (an excuse to drink beer while running)

November 28: Turkey Trot 10k

8 thoughts on “This is my excited face…

  1. There is a make a wish 5k October 6th you can do if you want haha. A lot of people walk it which we have the previous 4 years. This year I will try to jog as much of it as I can. You can do it!

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