The Double Chin

I can remember when the first thing I would do in my pictures is notice my double chin. And I can remember thinking that was the one thing I’d like to change. (I was fine with the big hips. I was fine with the tummy. But dammit – that chin was just over the top. Too much.) So, I spent HOURS perfecting the masking of said chin.

I would try the “angled” look for optimal hiding. You know, just jut that chin out and tilt it a little bit. Surely, this will work. Also, you are damn right that I strategically placed that veil over my arm: turnheadhidechin

I tried the duck face for a hot minute and then to literally suction the fat up using the inside of my mouth. I was also clearly drinking quite a bit. This was at my bachelorette party but I still tried to cover that shit up: duckfacehidechin

I did the put props under my chin thing, too. And no teeth – because in my weird, twisted brain my chin grows 13 feet when I show teeth in my smile. And yep, even at my own damn wedding.

I thought I was the Master at masking in the picture. The whole hand under the chin move fools no one because everyone else in the world with a double chin knows exactly what you’re doing:


I also tried the hide behind others trick. Clearly this is a genius move and no one has any idea that not only am I pressing my face against my husband, but also slowly creeping my fingers toward my chin to push the fat back and away. Lord, this a sad attempt here:

I spent hours perfecting how to hide this chin – yet it never worked (except the prop picture – that was brilliant.) Anyhow, It was an actual thought in EVERY picture I took. It was horrible. I still look for it in every picture, but for the first time in a very long time, perhaps ever – I did not find it.

Well, maybe a little bit here, but I really like this picture.myladies

I also didn’t look at this picture and think “I look huge compared to everyone else.” Which is also a first!
I eat.
Aw! My hubcap and me!

So, what I took away from these pictures at the Pig Roast was that I felt like I looked normal. I blended in and no one saw me as the fat girl…and for once – normal is pretty damn awesome.

10 thoughts on “The Double Chin

  1. I agree with Katy in that your wedding picture with the flowers is actually very beautiful. It’s artistic, classy, and stunning!

    To be honest, if you were “trying to hide” your chin in any of the above pictures, I actually tried to see it, and didn’t, so apparently you were really good at it. That being said, you look amazing. In the pig roast pictures, you look confident and solid in your skin. THAT my dear, is something you should feel great about!

  2. I totally hear you on the chin thing! I’m always trying to hide that sucker!

    That wedding pic is very cool though – wasn’t obvious at all what you were doing. Very nice!

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