Cheese Straws in 10 steps- PP TBD by you


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE cheese. I mean seriously, I LOVE IT. Since I’ve cut out all the processed crap I realized I missed Cheeze-Its – so I decided to make my own. Cheese Straws and Cheeze-Its are the same damn thing, just cut differently. This is the easiest thing to do in the world, too. Kevin and I are hosting a College Football party tomorrow so I made these (amongst a bunch of other crap).

Cast of Ingredients:

30oz. shredded cold, but let come to room temp cheddar cheese

2 sticks of butter

4 cups of SIFTED flour

2 teaspoons of salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

pinch of garlic powder

however much cayenne you want

Step 1. Grate 30 ounces of cheese into your KitchenAid Mixer.


Step 2. Add 2 sticks of butter


Step 3. Cream together butter and cheese until they look like cream cheese (10’ish minutes)


Step 4. Sift flour, add seasonings and mix.

Step 5. Add seasoned flour to cheese one large spoonful at a time.


Step 6. Add flour until it pulls away from the walls of the bowl and makes a dough’ish form.


Side note: there will be some flour left – see? cs12

Step 7. Get out your fancy Cookie Press and load up your cookie gun.

Step 7. Use the star tip and just make long lines. Or make short lines. Or don’t use your star tip and just pipe a line. OR! You could roll and spread and cut into squares. Don’t let this fancy cookie gun do something you don’t want! I got lazy & just started rolling it out & pressing them.cs17cs14cs15





Step 8. Bake at 325 for 20 minutes. Once they come out you can cut them into whatever shape you want. Put them on your Cooling Rack.


Step 9. Store them in an air tight container.


Step 10. Enjoy!

If you were to eat every single item here you’d have eaten 184PP. It’s hard to say the exact points in what you make because I don’t know how you cut, etc. Just know there are 184PP in the whole damn thing. Cut however you want and then do the math. ❤

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