Finishing 2012

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This is so incredibly true for me. I started SMF with a plan in 2012. I promised to finish it in 2013, but got pregnant and had my first miscarriage. I should have  gotten back on the wagon in 2014 – had a second miscarriage. In 2015 I set a bunch of healthy goals, HAD A BABY, and now here in 2016, I’m going to finish what I started in 2012.

Well, I joined DietBet with a bunch fantastic mommy’s from a group on Facebook that I’m in with all women that were due in December 2015. They are all wildly supportive and now that we’ve all had our babies we’re all talking about taking the baby weight off. You know, those extra pounds from when our little ones were demanding we devour that second pint of Ben and Jerry’s at 3am after devouring a pack of Oreos. Those pounds. . Because you know, this seems perfect to add to balancing a newborn. I won’t lie, my stupid competitive side is wildly excited.

Goal: Lose 4% in 4 weeks

Date: 1/25/16 – 2/22/16

Buy In Amount: $10 per person

Payout: Pot is split between every person losing 4% in the 4 weeks.

My plan: Clean Eating and Exercise

I’ve cleaned out the pantry and given away or trashed all of my pregnancy impulse buys this week. I’ve restocked with healthy, smart choices. I’ve meal planned and will prep this weekend.

Exercise will be much more challenging. I am PRAYING we will be ending the 6 Week Sleep Regression and Peak of Fussiness  VERY soon, cause the last few days have been rough. Brooke decided to sleep in 30 minute intervals starting at midnight last night. Thankfully I slept from 9p-12a. Yaaaay me. Alas, I digress. Weather permitting, we will be starting C25k again. Weather not permitting, I will be getting my chubby bunny ass on my trainer and riding. I’ve found a 3o minute Spin Workout that I want to give a shot doing on my trainer. I’m hoping that maybe the sound of the bike on the trainer will lull Monster to sleep. It’s pretty similar to white noise.


Wish me luck! This mama needs the cash monies since I’ve cut my hours in half at work.


2 thoughts on “Finishing 2012

  1. I went through something similar. I was working towards my goal and got pregnant. I had a miscarriage at 3 months and have since started over. Good luck! You got this!

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