Week 2 Weigh In

scumbag-brain-acneI set my expectations MUCH lower this week for multiple reasons, including the fact that this Clomid has left me RAVENOUS and bloated. Things the Clomid has also done: made me exhausted, given me tons of acne and cramping. On top of the acne, due to my ravenous state, I couldn’t wait three minutes for a piping hot  Enchilada Cheese Roll of lava to cool down before biting into it and giving myself an instant blister mere millimeters from the huge zit right where my lip and face meet. Things Clomid has not done: made me crazy. Emotionally, I feel phenomenal.  I’m counting my blessings.

Alas, I digress..  I actually lowered my expectations enough to think that I would gain weight this week and be absolutely fine with it. I rolled into Weight Watchers like a boss. And as I was stepping on the scale I was like,




I am going to gain weight this week.







And then suddenly the angels proclaimed, “What are you freaking out about?  You’ve lost – 1.2lbs.”



Suddenly, the memories of me inhaling BBQ pizza, bourbon, beer and lo mein didn’t seem so bad – after all I did track it all and despite using all 49 of my weeklies on Saturday night and 12 out of 17 Activity Points earned, Weight Watchers seems to have done it’s job this week.



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