Fatkinis & Keto

Hilton Head came and went much too quickly. We had a wonderful time laying by the beach, laying by the pool, keeping a constant drink in hand, and eating delicious seafood. I cannot complain. I also cannot complain about the fatkinis I saw, in fact, I would like to celebrate the amount of Fatkinis I saw! I was in heaven! There were so many chubby bunnies rocking bikinis in so many different shapes and sizes that I wanted to celbrate them all and go buy a fatkini myself! I wanted to tell them all how beautiful they looked and how I also celebrated their body, confidence and pride; however, I realized how creepy that would have been to do…so I did it in my head instead.



For the last few months I’ve been playing with my carb intake. I’ve noticed that when I cut carbs, I lose weight and when I eat carbs, I do not. I’ve known that for a very long time. In fact, I knew it the first time I was on Weight Watchers (3 years ago) and I reduced the amount of fruit I ate down to only a couple of pieces all week and lost 4lbs. This time I actually watched it and took note of it. Before we left for the beach I cut my carbs to about 50’ish a day while tracking my points, did tons of reading on Keto diets, and decided to give it a shot when we returned. One of my dear friends told me how her boyfriend has had great success on a Keto diet a few months ago as she and I were eating massive turkey legs. It wasn’t something I was super familiar with so I did some research after she explained it was high fat, low carb and moderate protein. I’ve done Atkins before and did well – I just wasn’t happy with the rate of weight loss so, much like every other diet, I quit. Ketogenic diets vary in that they stress being very high in fat (especially healthy fats) vs just being low carb. It’s also a very clean diet naturally, which I love. A few months ago I stopped buying low fat cheese, skim milk and 0% yogurt and started buying full fat cheese, heavy cream for my coffee and 2% yogurt because I realized how much I need fat in order to feel satiated.  Fat is denser so keeps you fuller for longer, and my biggest issue is how hungry I always am. Starving. Ravenous. I could eat at any given moment. This should help with that. Our culture is so brainwashed with “FAT IS BAD” that this concept almost seems taboo, but the truth of the matter is I naturally gravitate toward meat, cheese and butter vs. chips, breads and cookies. I would rather have a big, juicy steak smothered in butter with broccoli and cheese (which is dinner tonight) instead of a huge bowl of pasta with fresh bread. It’s just my preference. It always has been. That is my true intuitive eating. I can do other diets/make changes, but I never feel satiated or totally satisfied. The Ketogenic approach has the two most important things for me in my eating: clean and intuitive. This is only day 3 trying a Ketogenic approach. I’m on a 70% fat/25% protein/5% carb mix currently and so far, so good.  I figured it was worth a shot. Find what works and work it, right?  I’ll keep y’all posted!


Any0ne here tried a Ketogenic approach?


4 thoughts on “Fatkinis & Keto

  1. I used to be a HUGE pasta eater… not anymore. Though don’t get me wrong some good garlic bread, and you well, no one stands between me and a loaf of good garlic bread.

    I haven’t heard of the Ketogenic approach. Maybe I need to look into it more as the doctor keeps telling me to lower the carb intake. Well, here I go… off to study.

  2. I am the same way…I would much rather meat than chips…maybe I will have a look into this as well…I have never heard of it, but it’s worth a shot right? Good luck! Can’t wait to hear your updates on how it’s going

  3. (When actually paying attention) I try to eat two portions of meat for every one of vegetables. I also (again, when on plan) eat at least half a cup of full fat greek yogurt a day, and I try for half an avocado and/or a handful of nuts every single day. I still eat some pasta and grains, but I try to keep it to “snack size” portions and fill up on lean meats, eggs, and colorful veggies (and fattier meats when I’m famished). I do love some chicken thighs though and have been using them a lot more lately.

    You know me, so you know I don’t really count things. I just try to keep the above in mind. It only means weight LOSS if I am actually working out, but I am able to maintain a pretty good figure and I _feel_ phenomenal with those things. For actual loss, I would probably still do the above but with an obsession over portioning with legitimate measurements, and I’d track all calories burned as well. I’d supplement workout-out burned calories with additional protein calories only – more chicken or beans, basically.

    I’m no nutritionist, but I try to keep my list basic. That way it works for cooking, eating out, being at parties, snacking. I definitely run into trouble, though, when you add drinking to the mix.

  4. What a great blog. I love the word “fatkini”. 🙂

    I”m going to have to look into this ketogenic diet. I don’t know very much about it.

    – Kendall

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