We’re all winners at heart…

…but congrats to Tamara because she’s the BIG winner! She won the 100th Post Freebie Basket! I hope you love everything in it as much as I do. 🙂

It’ll be a very busy week for us with Thanksgiving here! Our (my) family from Vermont/Florida starts arriving tomorrow. I haven’t seen most of them since Kevin and my wedding – so over 3 years ago…and let’s be honest, wedding visits don’t count. We should have probably over 20 people for Thanksgiving dinner!

The baking will start and the house will smell of toffee and cheesecake and apple pie.  (Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe/walk through coming on Tuesday!)

The house is already decorated for Christmas, and we bought our tree over the weekend. Kevin flies out to Cali until Christmas next weekend. I put Christmas up early because I wanted him to be able to enjoy some of the Christmas feeling and Holiday warmth before he’s in Cali. This which means 2 things – I’ll be very lonely for a majority of the time…and I’m also going to California for a little pre-Christmas vacation. West Hollywood – to be exact. I’ve never been before – so if you’re a Cali person or have been to LA/West Hollywood, I’d love some pointers on your “must go to” places. The Hollywood walk of fame is about 4.5 miles from his office, which means I might be getting in A LOT of walking! 

What is everyone here making for Thanksgiving?

3 thoughts on “We’re all winners at heart…

  1. That would be fantastic! I have no clue where Kevin will be living (where I’ll be visiting). I basically have Dec 12-13th to wander around on my own while he works. With you being a native and all – what else should I do while I’m there? Sites to see? Places to eat?

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