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Perception and Advice

I contemplated not going to Weight Watchers yesterday.I knew I’d weigh heavy from the weekend. I knew it’d disappoint me. I knew I’d be upset. And I did. And I was. I sat down next to my dad totally bummed and mad myself. “All that hard work down the drain because you can’t keep your … Continue reading

Training, Bashing and Cakes

Two weeks training and feeling good! Started week three this week and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been working on my swim and using a High Elbow Catch to improve my swim. Definitely different muscles, as my forearm was sore. Ha! It’s made a huge difference already in my time, so I’m quite excited. … Continue reading

Good Problems

You know you’ve lost weight when… …your knee highs become thigh highs. What about you? The scale went in the right direction again this morning! I’m ecstatic! Perhaps the high sugar fruit really is an issue for me, despite not eating a ton of it. Crazy how something so small can effect you so much. I … Continue reading

The Hashing Hulk

Have any of you heard of this glorious thing called hashing? Apparently it’s when you do races/run and incorporate drinking. On Saturday I partook in my first run that involved alcohol: the Atlanta Tap N Run. I ran, mostly walked and occasionally jogged this race with my husband and my best friend and we had a blast. There were … Continue reading