Edamame Salad


I’ve had quite a few request on Instagram for the Edamame Salad I’ve been eating, so I thought I’d share this super simple recipe. I stumbled on it somewhere online, but honestly cannot remember where.

Thangs you need:

4 cups of shelled, cooked and cooled edamame
3/4 feta cheese (I used reduced fat feta)
3/4 cup dried cranberries (I used 1/4c. reduced sugar dried cranberries and 1/2c. dried fruit bits – I was out of the cranberries so had to sub)
1 tablespoon good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh cracked pepper
Combine it all and you’re done. That simple and easy.

Makes 6 servings of a scant 1cup
6p+ / serving
233kcal/ 25g carbs/ 8g fat/ 15g protein/ 8g fiber/ 12g sugar





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