My Favorite YouTube Workouts!



Alright, y’all! Kevin is going out of town on business for a week, and the rain is suppose to be moving in here. Which really means I now have a thousand excuses to curl into a ball on the couch, snuggle with my kitties and binge watch Trash TV. Alas, I have vowed to not do that. Instead, I have mass researched YouTube workouts, which means I’ve watched 70% of each suggested video to see if I’ll actually do it –  and chosen my favorites to set me up for the week he is gone. Most are dance. I hate exercising for the most part, but love dancing.

Here we go!

Day One: Dance Yourself Thin

45 minutes total

This looks TOTALLY cheesy and hilarious – so I’ll love it. I will undoubtedly blast some Lil Jon Pandora through our speakers in the house and break this down.


Day Two: 10 Minute Booty Shaking, 10 Minute Booty Shaking with a Towel, 10 Minute Boxer Babe, 1 mile dance (15 minutes)

45 minutes total

Y’all remember when I took that Jiggle It class? Well,  this big white girl has died and gone to heaven. I am hoping this will give me a similar feeling. The last one undoubtedly will. I am pumped to do this.


Day Three: Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout

55 minutes total

Y’all, I hate this bitch. With a passion. But maybe I do I secretly love her. I don’t know anymore. No dancing here, but I’ll feel it and be proud of myself for surviving!


Day Four: Bootcamp Calorie Burn (30 min) & 10 Minute Mountain Climber

40 minutes total

This guy looks like a nut job, but there’s a count down timer in the upper left hand corner. I can watch how long until the torture is over. And for the Mountain Climber? Anything that opens with Travis Porter is a win for me.

Day Five: Fuse Dance Cardio Workout

30 minutes total

This bitch looks crazy and super white, but I wanted to give it a shot. Anyone that combines ballet and Hip Hop and African in one video is crazy. She can get it. I approve.


Day Six: Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix, Billy Blank’s Jr. Dancer’s Butt Workout, & Zumba

40 minutes total

Alright, the dude that leads the first two is FAB-U-LOUS. He sounds like he’s selling something. It’s hilarious. Again – I’ll just blast Lil Jon Pandora in the background. So, I may or may not have a crush on this Keaira LaShae lady. We’ll see how much I like her after I do the videos for a week. It might become like a Jillian Michaels’ Relationship…

Day Seven: Hip Hop Tabata & Zumba

1h27min total
Alright, I know, it’s a long time – but the Hip Hop Tabata reminds me of Jiggle It so it’s totally doable. 100% disclosure, I would like to do every single one of  Keaira LaShae’s video at some point. This Zumba video is probably the closest to what my swag will look like for all of them.


What are your favorite YouTube workout videos?!


4 thoughts on “My Favorite YouTube Workouts!

  1. Yesssss I love Tiffany Rothe!! Her workouts are so nice and they only last for 10 minutes so you can combine your favorite workouts.. Love the rest as well! 🙂

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