Looking Forward

I had my post-operation visit last Thursday. The Pathology report came back to show that there were no genetic/parental issues and this was a true chromosomal fluke. We should be good to go in the future. Talk about a relief! The Doctor said to spend the next 6 or so weeks doing whatever makes me feel good emotionally and physically and then think about trying again. All in all – fantastic news for us! Now – all we have to do is look forward.

The weekend was another gloriously cathartic weekend. At one point my perfect 8 year old nephew came up to me and put his hand on my belly and asked me when our baby was coming. The tears swelled in my eyes and I explained to him that our baby had gone to heaven to watch over him and other children. He looked at me and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tight. It made everything feel okay.

I got my shipment in from MixMyOwn! So delicious. I cannot get enough of it. I’ve been just mixing it with 2% Greek Yogurt and I’m full till lunch. Mmm.. Seriously! Check it out… My SoMuchFattitude blend was incredible: walnuts, coconut, chia seeds, granola, freeze dried cherries, freeze dried strawberries, etc. SO GOOD! I also mix in a tablespoon of mini chocolate chips and a teaspoon of agave.







We went to the Farmer’s Market in South GA with my In-Laws and this was like no Farmer’s Market I’ve ever seen! Maybe I’m just a spoiled city girl, but WOWZERS!


It was rows and rows of that! We didn’t even do the whole thing either. As a foodie, I was in heaven. Straight up heaven. Unfortunately, I had been to the grocery store earlier in the day and this was a total last minute thing. I ultimately ended up buying a box of apples. Yes, I bought over 100 apples – but it was $12.00 for the WHOLE box! And Thanksgiving is coming…I am making apple pies. I’ll break down the rest of the apples and make homemade applesauce and a few hand pies for Kevin ~ recipes to come of course!

And speaking of Thanksgiving – here’s what’s on my requested list:

cinnonmancake4 My Cinnamon Cake – a fun play off of cinnamon toast crunch.





BPC My bourbon pumpkin cheesecake – pretend that pumpkin pie and cheesecake had a little bourbon and did the nasty, this is their love child. BOOM. I will try and post this never before shared recipe (… DUN DUN DUN!)


Also, two Apple pies and I’m also going to make some homemade Dark Chocolate Heath Bars!

Guys – also be on the look out! I am doing the FIRST EVER give away this week!!!

8 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. That’s great news from the doctor. And your nephew is SO sweet. What a great little boy.

    That cinnamon cake sounds awesome! We’ll be bringing ricotta pie and apple pie to the different people we’ll be visiting (by request – ricotta pie is usually saved for Easter).

  2. NO NO NO NO NO ! No more sweets! oh… ok, just a little, or a lot! Ohhh this time of year is the best baking season. I can’t wait to see what you post for recipes this season. So So So So So EXCITED!

    I’m so glad that your still a go for trying again for kids. That nephew of yours, is just so precious. He did exactly what he should have in that instant. You should be proud of his parents for teaching that boy such wonderful compassion.

  3. Haha! Yeah, I keep meaning to post more savory recipes. Funny thing is – I’m not a huge sweets person! I promise more dinner-like recipes…with some baking. LOL

    Yeah, he is pretty incredible and clearly gets it from me…and his mom/dad (my brother.)

  4. MixMyOwn sounds cool. I’ve heard of a company like that but not in the US, so I’m excited to see that we have one over here!
    And you can send some of your cinnamon cake my way. 🙂

  5. You BETTER post the bourbon pumpkin cheesecake recipe! In plenty of time for my Thanksgiving menu planning! /bossy blog follower 😛

  6. Good to hear that you can look forward again! And what a sweet gesture from your little nephew 🙂 Kids can be so honest in their own way.
    Oh my God. Those recipies…. I don’t think it will be good for me to come back here around Thanksgiving!!!

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