Coming Soon!


I’m in the process of organizing and getting more serious about my site here – so get ready for two pretty big, exciting things!

1. I’m adding a recipes section to my site. I am such a foodie and find cooking so cathartic that I spend hours in the kitchen every day…by choice. I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite finds/points/recipes. Most of my recipes are terribly gluttonous things that I’ve turned health friendly. I’ve even gotten the picky eaters in my family on board.

2. I was waiting until I hit my goal weight to post my before and afters, but I’ve realized that this is about the struggle and the journey – not the destination. I’m currently working on compiling a bunch of before and during/afters. This is taking more time than I thought – I apparently didn’t do a lot of the whole picture thing at 325lbs.

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