Why you rain on me?

post30milesLook how excited I was after the ride was over…the only time it wasn’t raining. So, Up the Creek Without a Pedal was – let’s just say I needed a damn paddle. It rained Oh dear God did it rain. It rained lightly, it rained in torrential downpours, it rained for an hour…it didn’t stop raining. It rained so hard that at one point I had to shove my sunglasses down my shirt because they were pooling with water. (You have to wear some sort of eye protector when you ride.) It rained so long and hard that I had standing water in my cleats. It rained so much I wrung my socks out at the end. The pad in my cycling shorts was full of water, which means I had lovely chafing. We did the 30 miler, as did nearly everyone else due to the rain.

Oh and yes, those hills were straight up inclines. Brutal without rain and just pure torture with it. I unclipped and walked up one hill the rain was so bad because I thought I was going to just slide back down. At first I felt terrible about myself for unclipping but then I looked up and that everyone else had done the same thing.

4 days til the Tri. Thank God – I’m tired and unfortunately just kind of over it. I have definitely over extended myself with this whole slammed at work, buying a house and training for triathlons business. The only race I have scheduled after the Tri is a 10k on the 4th of July.

6 thoughts on “Why you rain on me?

  1. I just discovered your blog and absolutely LOVE IT. Hysterical and inspirational at the same time. Keep up the good work, girly!

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