Strong Legs Run We ran the Strong Legs Run 10k on Saturday. I beat my last 10k time but it definitely wasn’t impressive. I wasn’t in last place, but wow. I HATE running. Ffs. I walked/jogged/ran it with my mom and bff and the best part was just the time I spent with these two lovely ladies (on each side of me – I’m in the dark green dedicated shirt)

Now – this picture. I LOVE this picture. I love my body in this picture. I am curvy, I am healthy, I am fit, I am beautiful. I am built like a true woman with real curves. As I like to say – I look at this picture and think “BLA-DOW.”

For the past two weeks I’ve stopped counting and being crazy. I’ve listened to my body and trusted it. It’s been almost relaxing to not be so crazy. I’ve continued to lose weight too.

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