A Myriad of Emotions

Well, tri #2 is done and it was amazing. I learned some valuable lessons, though.

  • Fatties get WAY too serious when racing. It’s uncomfortable. At least I feel uncomfortable. Oh boo hoo, I said “fatties.” I am a fellow fatty, I can use that term. Now, here’s my problem. The thinner people that compete can joke with each other. They give each other a hard time. You can’t do that shit with my people.  When I jokingly said, “Whose idea was this?” I was met with, “Ours. We are taking our lives back.” WOW. OK. INTENSE. Yes, I am too, but ffs, lighten up.
  • I competed with Olympians. (Junior Olympians, but I don’t give a fuck.
  • Hydrating is key. I stayed extremely well hydrated and felt fantastic. No cramps. No issues. No fatigue. Just pure champion.
  • I placed 10th in the Athena Division. (Athena is 150lbs+, which I think is bullshit. There’s a big ass difference between a 6′, muscular 150lb woman and my chubby 5’5, 222lb ass.) 10th of out 18. I expected to take 3hours to finish and then after my swim I was already ahead of my pace by 10 minutes (idfk how that happened) and then my bike went better than I expected by a long shot. Once I started my run I thought I’d do about 2:30, and then one mile in I pushed myself harder than I ever have in my life. When I wanted to ran, I made myself run. I finished in 2:14:05. I am so incredibly proud of myself.
  • Surprise support systems are incredible. I was turning the corner into the bike transition when I heard my mom scream, “Go Danielle!!!” and I damn near fell off my bike because I was flabbergasted to see her and my dad there.
  • My bike blows.
  • Speaking of bikes!!! Kevin and I had discussed me getting a bike for a long time and I’d been slowly saving money in attempt to just walk in and make it rain all over REI; however, Sunday morning Kevin looked at me and said that we should celebrate how awesome I did with getting that bike for me. TOTAL Surprise! So, here she is. My new baby. (Yet to be named.)

    On that note, I just registered for another Triathlon in 41 days. I’m hooked.

    3 thoughts on “A Myriad of Emotions

    1. haha you are funny and inspiring. and of course you can say fattie: only fellow fatties can say that word.

      I tried to get into running for a small 5k this summer, but failed miserably. you inspire me to try again once I’m well enough to do so. thanks!

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