Boob Jobs and Blueberries

Weigh in day! 216….for a lovely -2lbs this week! I am quite pleased with it. This brings my total loss to -109lbs.

My goal is to see 199 by my triathlon (May 19th, 2012) and then 175 by early September (Labor Day) and 150 by my Christmas. I found a picture of myself sprawled out on the beach when I weighed 325. It’s interesting to reflect on the picture simply because I can remember thinking when the picture was taken, “Damn, I look fantastic in this swimsuit.” I cannot say nor even think that now when looking at the picture or even in the mirror at this current body. I see “trouble areas” and things to work on. I try to make it a point to find something I like in the mirror every day. Most days it’s my tits. I have fantastic tits. Though, even now I want a boob job when I hit my goal weight (not implants, they’re big enough, but put my nipples back where they belong.)

I said I’d make mention of food:

I grew up in a culinary family. My father owned restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. all over the world. One of my chores growing up was that I made dinner twice a week for my family. My brother is also culinary inclined and nearly opened his own restaurant (I wouldn’t be surprised if he still did.) It’s fair to say that I too am damn good in the kitchen. 99% of what I make is always from scratch and to be honest, margarine doesn’t keep the same consistency and the scent alone makes me want to vomit, the melt point in low fat cheese is retarded, and fat free half and half doesn’t make anything creamy. I’m a foodie. I shop at the farmer’s market, ask for specific cuts of meat and take my time picking my produce. I would like to take a moment to discuss a few interesting foods!

Blueberries – I find these the sneakiest of all foods. Sometimes they are sweet and firm, other times they are sweet and soft, sometimes extremely tart. I simply love blueberries, they keep me guessing! (Not to mention, they combine beautifully with chocolate.) The way the pop in your mouth and explode. Oh god, I fear I’ve just hyper sexualized blueberries… Well, this just got awkward.

I am slightly cauliflower obsessed. I eat it probably twice a week. I love mashed cauliflower. I will not, however, for one second tell you that it tastes anything like mashed potatos. It does not. It tastes like cauliflower that’s been mashed up. Here’s how I rock it:

  • 16oz. (1-2 heads) cauliflower depending on size (or a bag of frozen caulifower if you’re feeling particularly lazy
  • 1oz. cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup philly cooking cream
  • salt & pepper

Just boil, drain and puree it all together. Full fat cream cheese and philly cooking cream. For 1/2 of it (if using a bag of frozen cauliflower) it totals around 150 in calories. I pair it with a grilled chicken breast and some roasted asparagus. It looks like mashed potatos, kind creamy in that same way, but they dont taste the same, dont be fooled. I will say, though, it’s one of my favorites.

Oh hai, Jicama! (Pronunciation: HIH-kuh-ma) This little lovely is a cross between a slightly sweet apple and a turnip. They are crunchy, juicy and sweet. I love them in salads. I also enjoy slicing them into sticks (like pictured here) and dipping them in hummus or any other tasty dip. I’ve heard they are also delightful sprinkled with chili powder and lemon juice. They are high fiber, low calorie and high in anti-oxidants. I strongly suggest them! They can be a little tough to peel, but just use a knife and tear the tough exterior off.  

Grapple: the mind fucking fruit. This little mystery smells like a grape popsicle and sometimes tastes like one, and sometimes tastes like a Washington Apple. It has the texture of an apple and looks like an apple. WTF? How does this happen? I can’t wrap my head around it. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m sold on it. I’m not a huge grape person, nor am I a huge Washington apple person, but when I saw them combined I thought maybe I will like two things I dont typically like combined together! Brilliant, right? If grapes and Washington apples are your thing, I strongly suggest you buy some.

I like cooking. A lot. So, if you see something weird, or have a suggestion, please share! I’d love to try something new! 

3 thoughts on “Boob Jobs and Blueberries

  1. LOL You remind me so much of me, I can stand in front of a mirror in my underwear and I’ll mostly focus on my Boobs too because they’re the most perfect part of my body. I love my boobs. They’re not too big, nor are they too small but they are definitely the best part of me next to my eyes. 🙂

  2. I have mever seen that mysterious jicama here in Canada. Maybe I need to go to other sources. Do you get it at the grocery store? Does it go by another name by chance? (and yes, this is a year and a half later, I’m new to your blog!)

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