P90x3 Update



It’s weird to workout with the soul purpose to lose weight. Like, really weird. Especially when that was your thing for so long. I’ve learned quite a few things in the last 30’ish days:

  • We are doing more like a P120X3. Working out 6 days a week isn’t all that realistic for us, but working out every other’ish day is something we can do. We were able to do it for about 2.5 weeks before realizing that we wouldn’t be able to maintain that level of commitment because…life.
  • It was easy to schedule in time to workout pre-Monster; however, babies give zero fucks about your schedule. Kevin and I prefer to workout together and he doesn’t get done working until 6pm, Brooke goes down around 7-730, and you know, dinner, bath, big bed bottle, pumping, etc. all has to happen too. So, on Tues/Thurs when she’s at school we work out during our lunch break together. And then we try to find a couple of other times during the week when she’s in a good mood, or sleeping to work out.
  • 30 minutes can kick your ass. This is a legit workout series. It’s awesome and I’ve definitely felt a difference in my body’s performance. It’s a welcomed feeling. I’ve even seen a little bicep action. Say wha?
  • A 13lb baby works as a great “weight” when they’re losing their shit and need a dumbbell.
  • Post workout showers are still the best shower ever.
  • I forgot how much additional laundry working out creates.
  • I’m really hoping that creating a solid exercise routine now will set me up for success when I stop breastfeeding and feel comfortable dieting again (at least another 6 months or so).
  • I haven’t lost a single pound, but I HAVE lost inches. And I feel better about my body. I’m not dreading a bathing suit or the beach. I feel much prouder of my mom bod and yet again, exercise has boosted my confidence and overall happiness. (Would someone remind me of that the next time I quit?)

So, when we’re all done with the version we are doing and have completed all of the phases and what not, I’ll retake my measurements and my pictures and post them. I just didn’t want y’all thinking I’ve fallen off the fit wagon again. ❤

One thought on “P90x3 Update

  1. Every little step is so important in achieving your goal! Great job pretty lady!

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