Baby Watch 2015

obsI had my 40 week appointment today and she still looks good. She’s just fat and happy, all camped out inside of me. Hibernating.

I’m dilated to 3cm and 70% effaced currently. I’ve lost my mucus plug over the course of the last few days, have been having contractions every 30-45 minutes and showing all the signs of early labor. We just need it to progress.

membranesweepThey stripped my membranes today in hopes of really getting the ball rolling since I am in early labor. While it was uncomfortable, but what I found most disturbing was watching my midwife drop her shoulder as she plowed her fingers into my vag. What they’re doing is separating the bag of waters from my uterus in attempt to get it all going by sticking two fingers inside of my cervix and running it around the rim. It only takes about 30 seconds and sounds a lot more terrifying than it actually was. Again, the shoulder drop was more horrifying. I’m already spotting and cramping/contracting, so let’s hope this works!

The ultimate goal is to try all natural methods of induction before resorting to Pitocin. We’ve had all of the sex, all of the walks, bouncing on birth balls, stripping membranes, spicy food, pineapple, eggplant parmesan and raspberry leaf tea. In regards to the sex, there is nothing sexier than saying, “Oh god – I can’t move my legs that way anymore. I can’t breathe.” followed by, “I’m so sorry you have to fuck me like this.” There is nothing enjoyable about sex at this point.

Anyhow, I go back on Friday if she isn’t here by then and they’ll do a NST to make sure she’s still jamming out well. Then, Kevin and I have to pick a day the following week that we are okay with them inducing medicinally. Since she measured 8lbs3oz today, they don’t want her baking too big and then ending up in an emergency C.


One thought on “Baby Watch 2015

  1. Haha we tried all of those things too. I’d tell my husband “It’s for Science!!!”. Nothing romantic about any of that. Ultimately, I had to be induced but had a good experience with it, and completed the entire delivery drug-free and completely natural! Looking forward to seeing if the membrane strip worked!!!! 🙂

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