Training Cakes

trainer trainer1After my nasty fall I decided it might be best to find a form of exercise that is low impact since my knee is all jacked up. Since I’ve always loved spinning this just felt right. I’ve contemplated and talked about getting a trainer forever now. I got it on a great deal for cyber Monday: $65 bucks! Anyhow – after approximately 7, 012 hours of trying to set the damn thing up we finally got it assembled and in the bedroom. I thought I’d take the reigns and get it all set up while Kevin worked. I should have just let him do it. I totally jacked my rear derailleur up and made my gears all wonky. He had to practically take my bike apart and now has to fix my gears. Whomp Whomp. Clearly this won’t help me with a half marathon, but my thoughts are maybe I can take some weight off with it and enjoy running a little more. Maybe. Probably not though.

quest Speaking of Cyber Monday though – I also scored the sweet 25% off Quest Nutrition deal and racked up. I got a box of their double chocolate chunk bars. I’m also giving the protein chips and pasta a shot. I’ll let you know how they are! I’m a skeptic. I just realized it looks an awful lot like those disgusting miracle noodles. Have y’all had that shit? I’m gagging thinking about it. Maybe I will be surprised. Maybe. Probably not though.

cakeAll in all it’s been a pretty quiet week. I’ve been busy with Sinfully Sanders cakes. I got to play around with a new orange cake and orange butter cream frosting that was pretty phenomenal, (on the left). I’ve got a tiered superhero cake this week and had a Barney cake last week. Kevin goes to LA on Thursday and comes home on Saturday, which means I get two full days of binge watching Netflix and foods he hates for dinner.



What have y’all been up to?

3 thoughts on “Training Cakes

  1. You didn’t even mention how I ate a whole bag of sweet potato chips while doing PiYo.

    I do like the cake. I wondered if that was my wedding cake for a sec.

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