WW – Week 1Return

Guyz – I’ve felt GREAT back on Weight Watchers. I feel in control, I feel healthy, I feel motivated and driven. I feel much more like my old normal self.


frustratedSo, here I am… in line to weigh in. Since I destroyed my scale a few months back I’m super nervous. I’ve had nothing all week to compare to, to prep for, to let me know where I’m at. I have, however, had all week to get stoked about some bomb ass weight loss that would make the leaders be all like, “Ermergherd – how’d you do it? You’re amazing!!!” I ended my first week back with 21 weeklies left and daily success.

There is another “first weeker” weighing in ahead of me.  She weighed in I heard them give her the response I thought they were saving for me. She’d lost 8 pounds! EIGHT POUNDS! Amazing! ERMERGHERD! HOW’D YOU DO IT?!?

I lost 1.4 frigging pounds. I’ve taken shits bigger than that.

omRewind a week to the first meeting and note that this was the first time I’d been to this location. The first time weighing in was a little rough. 242.2. There – I said it. 242.2lbs. WHAT.THE.FUCK. I haven’t weighed 242 in YEARS. Seriously, years. At least 4 years ago. My reaction may or may not have been similar to the this gif. Total embarrassment when I weighed in, but it was weird, the woman weighing me in didn’t flinch or budge or judge, as I was clearly having a stroke. I teared up. A lot of emotion was there. She looked at me and just opened her arms for a hug. I’m just a girl that can’t say no when it comes to hugs. I snuggled into her and took a deep breath. I apologized and told her this was just a really big step for me, it’s been a year since I’ve been back at WW and  it’s quite overwhelming. She said she was proud of me for coming.

Despite only losing 1.4 pounds this week, it does feel good to be back on plan. I am not stopping. I know that 1.4 is a good number and then if I lost 1.4 every week I’d be at my ultimate goal weight in 10 months. It was just frustrating. I honestly thought I’d see more like 5lbs – yes, I wanted to see water weight. Stfu.



Things I’m trying this week 

  • I’ve set a silent alarm on my FitBit to go off every hour on the hour so I get up from my desk and move more.
  • I should probably run since I’ve got a race in 2 weeks.
  • Making lower sugar fruit choices (because I’m eating all of the bananas and grapes ever currently).


Side note: I went for a walk, NOT A RUN,  the other night with Kevin and look at the snarky shit FitBit put on my dashboard. Rude.





11 thoughts on “WW – Week 1Return

  1. A little progress is better than no progress! Be proud of that 1.4lbs and own it! I can totally relate to that feeling of seeing a number on the scale you never thought you’d see again. It’s so disappointing. I’m really glad you accepted that hug! And be proud of yourself for jumping back on!

    I just started WW online this week (Tuesday actually) and I really love it. I, too, feel in control because of it. I’m not allowing myself to eat fruit as much I want, though, because fruit often halts my weight loss.

    Can you tell me about your fitbit and why you like it / what you don’t like about it? I’ve been going back and forth on buying one. I just can’t decide – it’s a lot of money if I don’t use it.

  2. Congrats on starting WW! The plan works when you work the plan, as corny as that sounds. And yeah, I know that about fruit. One day I’ll learn. LOL. The last time I did WW I lost 4lbs the week I cut out high sugar fruit (just ate berries).

    I love my fitbit. I never take it off unless I’m charging it. There really isn’t a whole lot I don’t like about it, honestly. WW has just synced up with FitBit too so it’ll automatically calculate your APs with it. (They’re still working out the glitches though.) My fitbit keeps me aware of my activity, or lack there of and makes me want to move more. My husband has one too so we’re always in a steps competition – which is helpful. I love the sleep feature of it because I have serious sleep issues. I have an iPhone and the app is very easy to use, as is the website. Let me know if you have anymore questions! 🙂

  3. Your post is very timely. Just yesterday I seriously started thinking about joining WW. Something has to give here, and I think the accountability would help me. I’ve held back because of money, but my physical AND emotional health are worth it, right??

  4. I LOVE your blog! Thank you for sharing. Keep your head up! You have a great sense of humor and seem to be pretty determined to get what you want. It will happen before you know it. Good luck!

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