Ups and Downs

I gained 3lbs this week…

I can look at this two ways: be really upset or move on. I’ll move on. I used to get really upset, but I can’t do that anymore. It’s too taxing and draining to do. I worked out and I ate healthily….(just not enough.)

I’m not quite sure why or what made the 3lb gain, ok, yes I do, looking back at my tracker, I ate a lot less this week. I averaged 983 calories a day when I should be doing 1500. I was stupid and punished myself. I cut way back and only had soup for lunch all week because I ate Mexican on Saturday and drank and then wanted to see 215 today, so I illogically thought I could just cut back all week and make up for it…even though I already had when I biked 32 miles.  I managed to net -91 calories one day. Stupid stupid stupid.  Lesson learned…every day is a new day and I can’t hang onto the day before.

I need to listen to my body better.

REGARDLESS…10lbs in one month even with a 3lb gain this week.  This is a journey and a process. I’ll get there.

Also, I’m still only weighing in once a week, which is huge for me. So, we’ll see what NEXT week brings!

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