Elusive Unicorns

I took three weeks off from Jiggle It and oh dear god, my thighs have absolutely no interest in participating in anything today. In fact, they are so bad that I am trying to time my day to doing a bunch of things at once. Example: I will heat my lunch, go pee and refill my water at the same time, despite the fact that I’ve needed to pee for the last 45 minutes. Unnecessary movement is exactly that today: unnecessary.

Well, Jiggle It was Saturday morning so when I woke up on Sunday I was slightly sore. Nothing too bad (at that point.) We all know it takes a couple of days for it to really sink in. They always say that exercise helps sore muscles…so, we went for a 32 mile bike ride.

This weekend I learned my husband is an amazing teacher/coach/trainer. He’s a cyclist and I am not. I am learning how to become one, but he’s very good. We went up to the Silver Comet trail and set out for our 32 miles. Silver Comet is a stunning paved path that is relatively flat with a few hills. I got to practice clipping in and out, working on my speed, etc. He pushed me when I needed it and told me how great I was doing. Told me when to pick up my pace, think about changing gears, etc. He was awesome. Well, when we were about 5 miles from returning my body decided we were done. My thighs were on fire, my knee hurt, and my vag was throbbing. Yes, my vag. We had switched seats out and moved my old seat to my new bike because I was used to it. Unfortunately, we did not bring the tools to adjust it and I needed it about 2 inches forward. Since it was in the wrong position I essentially sat on the nose of the seat for 2.5 hours. OUCH. I’ve got bruised lady-flower bits.

I got really frustrated with myself in those last 5 miles. Frustrated that I was struggling, frustrated that I hurt, frustrated that I wasn’t at my goal weight. A lot of silly frustrations. I was struggling because I’m building endurance; struggling because I am a big girl; struggling because I’m learning. Those are all things that I’m working on. I need to remember that when I’m so frustrated. I need to learn to be more patient with myself. I need to remember that you don’t see girls my size doing the things I’m doing because it is hard. I am the elusive unicorn.

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