The Good, The Bad, The Funny

I’ll break this up into three sections. The good. The bad. The funny.


The good: Halloween and Baby Girl’s room = success!!!

halloweenkevinandcharleyI took the rather freaky approach to Halloween and went with how I feel: she’s trying to escape. I definitely freaked a few people out, but hell, it’s Halloween. I had about a dozen women ask to take my picture, which I thought was hilarious. One woman took my picture and then turned to her 3 year old kid and told him to look, to which her husband promptly responded, “Don’t tell him to look at that. That’s entirely too graphic for him to see.” HA! He was dressed in full camo as a sniper.


I calmed my pregnancy hormones, because I really wanted to ask him when a government employed killing machine became less graphic than an obviously fictional event and if his vagina hurt from how big of a douche he was. I was good. I pretended I didn’t hear him since I didn’t know him and it wasn’t my event.

And here’s a great picture of Kevin testing out those Daddy skills with his tired niece, Charley. He’s over the moon about her, so I can’t wait to see him with Brooke.




We finished baby girl’s room! It’s hard to believe that she’ll be here in a short few weeks! I was most pleased with the result. You know how you have this grand vision of a home project and how it’s going to turn out? And then 99% of the time you finish and you’re just like, “Well, fuck.” and then hire someone to do it? Well, I finished and sat down in the recliner, took a deep breath and realized it was exactly how I envisioned it.

I love being in there and I hope she will, as well.

workbabyshower I had my final baby shower and the girl’s at work were beyond kind. They even got me a new running hat that says “mom” on it.

I’ve found a bunch of stroller friendly 5ks to run (because apparently not all races are “wheel” friendly. I find this surprising, but whatever.) I’ve found six 5ks that are stroller friendly, including one that ends in getting margaritas! I plan to do those and will continue to look for additional ones.

Side note: I’m contemplating doing a group training plan/class (idk the proper term) that my Runner Mom friend leads. Like a legit one where I have a group and shit. Truth be told, I’m nervous to do it, simply because running IS my weakest sport. I don’t want to sign up for a 5k training plan and feel totally discouraged if I’m the slowest one (or feel like I am). I’m not sure my mental game is strong enough yet. I still have time to decide.


The Bad: strep throat, anemia and a “huge” baby

My 36 week appointment revealed that I have strep throat which would explain why I’ve felt so shitty for the last 3 or so days. I’m on a 10 day course of antibiotics. Yaaaay… /sarcasm. The saddest part is that Kevin is 30 today and I’ve managed to infect him. So, we are celebrating his 30th birthday with antibiotics and sleeping.

My bigger concern is the anemia. I’m currently a 8.5 and they want me at at least an 11.1. They’re concerned that if I don’t get my levels up that I could need a transfusion when I have her because of the blood loss and an emergency c-section would be very scary. They’re running a full CBC panel on me and determining exactly where the anemia is stemming from. Apparently it could be a B12 deficiency, which would be weird, since I take B12 and a B12 complex daily, but is easily fixed with weekly shots. They’ve got me taking some Floridix Iron Supplements that I’m not reacting to very well. I puke after I take it so that’s exciting. I’m suppose to know more tomorrow about where everything stands.

Not really a thing, but still makes me go ehhhh… After my midwife got done telling me how huge my lymph nodes are she proceeded to tell me how huge my baby is. Apparently I’m measuring closer to 39 weeks. They’re doing an ultrasound next week to try and get a better feel as to what we’re looking at. She said she thinks baby girl is already 8lbs. Ummmm….wtf?

She then proceeded to tell me how she has a patient who also had my measurements at 36 weeks and was so dead set on having a natural birth that she broke both babies arms while delivering because she was so big. It just sort of gets my wheels going because we do want the unmedicated natural birth, but at what cost? I know the pounds can go in either direction, but at what point do I say no? I don’t want both of Brooke’s arms to break because of my desires. Just food for thought. Ugh.

The Funny: piss

tryingtowipe Peeing now rules my life. Every 5 minutes I pee. Non stop peeing. Wiping is now comical. I feel like T-Rex reaching for toilet paper and trying to find my vag.

Then, last night, I took the dog out to do his business and had a delightful coughing fit about three steps outside. As I was coughing I felt this sudden gush.

I ran back inside, looked at Kevin and said, “I need you to take the dog because either my water broke or I just pissed myself and I need to figure out which one it was.”

I’d never been happier in my life than to have pissed myself. I’d like girlfriend to continue baking for at least a couple of more weeks.

3 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, The Funny

  1. Ahhh – I laughed at the funny. I remember those times!!! As for the Natural Unmedicated Birth – you’ll know what’s best when the time comes. I had everything planned out – no meds, I was going to breathe through eveyrthing…it was all perfectly planned until he came 5 weeks early an I had to have a c-section…LOL…Babies. He was breech, so I had no choice…

    Good luck and best wishes!!

  2. My daughter was supposed to be 13 lbs at birth due to estimates from a 36week ultrasound. I was minutes away from signing the paperwork for a cesarean and just felt it in my gut that I shouldn’t. She was born via induction at 39.5 weeks and was 8 lbs 4 oz. Don’t let them scare you but remain flexible. Do you have a doula assisting you?

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