All of the Updates

Ok – so many updates: babymoon, baby shower, baby body, etc. I have become terrible about blogging while pregnant.

babymoonkevandi Kevin and I took an absolutely wonderful babymoon. We decided to take a long weekend get away a couple of weekends ago as probably the last time we go anywhere like this as just the two of us. We took a 3’ish hour drive to Birmingham, Alabama and watched the US Women’s National Soccer Team play on their Victory Tour. It was incredible! (Except I was dumb enough to think I’d be perfectly comfortable and fine sitting in the 90 degree, direct sunlight for 4 hours.) We had INCREDIBLE seats. Unfortunately, the game was a bit of a blow out (8-0, US win).

We stayed at the babymoonredshirtcutest little boutique’y hotel (Hotel Highland) that upgraded us as their “guests of the day” to a suite: mini kitchen, living room, etc. The bed was stupid comfortable, to the point where I asked Kevin if we could take it home since it was the best sleep I’d had in months. They even offered a “pillow menu” where you could call and request specific types of pillows for free! Ah-mazing.

babymooninsomniacookiesWe found a little cookie place called “Insomnia Cookies” that DELIVERED hot cookies!!! WHAT? Needless to say, we hit that up. We ate like gluttons and enjoyed every bit of our weekend. Everything was walking distance from our hotel so I feel like that balanced it all out, right? We spent a lot of time just sitting and chatting, people watching, enjoying each other. I love that 11 years (next month) into our lives together that we can still sit and just chat for hours, enjoying each other’s company.


babyshowercollageThen last weekend I had my baby shower. I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I’ve now had a baby shower. That I’ve made it far enough along to warrant a baby shower. It’s so surreal. My amazing sister (in law), Terri and best friend, Alicia (Stend) did an amazing job!

They had everyone sign the pink life preserver (already hung in her room) and did a “message in a bottle” for her to open when she’s 18. I absolutely LOVED it. The food spread was my dream situation – all fruit and sweets.

We played a “Price is Right” game where people had to guess the price of baby items. The fantastic news is that I was about $12 over on my guess for everything so I won’t be as shocked when I’m buying on the regular.

babyshowergifts Baby girl and I were ridiculously spoiled and very well taken care of by everyone. Overwhelmed is an understatement. I didn’t think I’d be phased by sitting infront of so many people, since I did theatre for so many years – but y’all, we have blocking and staging in theatre. You know where to look and for how long. At your shower you’re like, “Shit – did I smile enough? Oh god, did that smile look fake? Do they know how grateful I am?”  About half way through my gorgeous SIL (standing in this pic) looked at me and just said, “Take a breathe. Hydrate. Drink something.” Much needed advice. I’m an anxious person. Don’t judge me.

I have no problem being the center of attention, but it’s exhausting 30 weeks pregnant.

babyshoweroctopus babyshowermomandme babyshowerbookshowerdress

I won’t lie. I struggled seeing these pictures of me. I look like a dolphin that ate a whale. I’ve only gained 25lbs at 31 weeks, but still, I’m retaining water like a damn camel and just BLA-DOW. My mom is also a very petite woman so I already look bigger next to her, but lawd jesus take the wheel…it’s like David and Goliath in that picture. Additionally, I feel like this was just an unflattering angle for me…right? RIGHT? Did anyone else there get better pictures of me? The far right is the fitting room picture of my dress, (which I like).


bigbumpSo, I’m in the home stretch now. I still find myself waking up some mornings and being shocked that I’m pregnant. Like genuinely shocked.

Things are definitely starting to get harder.

Rolling over at night is damned near impossible and sleep is becoming optional. Once I do get comfortable and fall asleep I wake up to pee about every 1.5 hours, which wakes baby girl, which means she starts kicking, which means I can’t get comfortable to fall right back asleep, and then when I do, it’s time to pee again. Kevin sleeps great, y’all. Must be nice. 29weekswithdoodle - Copy

I’ve reached the stage where if I drop something it’s dead to me. There’s a grave of paper clips under my desk and I’ve learned the dog really enjoys raw green beans and carrots.

Shaving has become an Olympic sport. I’m in the Helen Keller and Edward Scissorhand’s Love Child Division.

I break a sweat getting dressed and doing most anything. I assembled her highchair yesterday, trying to give Kevin one less thing to do, and you would have thought I’d been swimming.

Our super fit, thin neighbor was outside the other day with her 15 month old while I was walking waddling Huck. She’s super sweet and came over, so Huck goes nuts – true puppy style. Her little girl plops down on the grass so she sits next to her and Huck is trying to lay down too. So, here I am, slowly trying to ease down on my knees, thinking that’d be the easiest way to get up, but wondering in the back of my head if I’ll ever be able to get back up. I just envisioned myself, turtle style, laying there, rolling back and forth until Kevin wonders where I am and comes out searching. After her little girl and Huck play for a few minutes she looses interest and starts to totter off, so mom hops up and chases after her, waving bye to me. It takes me a few solid minutes to hoist my big, awkward ass up, but I did it! Victory!

I’ve been walking more to prepare for labor/delivery. We’ve finished our birthing classes. Meet with the pediatrician in a couple of weeks. Go on a hospital tour after the pediatrician. Have assembled most of the baby stuff we’ve received and still have one more shower in 2.5 weeks (my work girls – so sweet). My awesome SIL is coming over next weekend to help me sort and conquer the nursery and figure out exactly what I still need (and don’t need).

Everyone is commenting that she’s starting to drop and that they don’t think I’ll make it til December 4th. I’ve had bets ranging from November 15th to November 29th, but no one says December.

Lastly, y’all, it’s October. I could have a baby next month!!! WHAAAT?

26w3d - Copy 27w6d - Copy 28w6d 29w6d30w6d30w6dprofile

One thought on “All of the Updates

  1. You’re pregnant. It’s normal to feel larger because all women do. But of course! You’re carrying another little life in your belly and it’s so very precious.

    Just eat well so that both mummy and baby are healthy and enjoy your pregnancy glow. This stage won’t last forever.


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