One Small Victory For My Kind

I went home from work early yesterday to prepare for my eminent death and promptly read the rest of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I survived the night. My husband said he’d cook so I didn’t contaminate all the food. We ordered Chinese. (Things like that remind me why I love him.) He’s good about it, too. He’s always sure to ask me if I can eat wherever we’re going or if it’s too tempting or whatever. I decide to take “Chinese Cuisine” under my lists of food conquering. Once upon a time I would just rule it out and make everyone suffer because I “couldn’t eat it.” Thankfully, our place has a “Spa Cuisine” section which apparently means steamed. (Side note: they should have just committed and called it “Sauna Cuisine.”) I’m usually good about finding something to order that’s healthy and then when it’s my turn to speak my “grilled chicken with steamed veggies 86 the butter” comes out sounding something like, “Yes, I’d like the double cheese quesadilla, extra sour cream, guacamole, rice and beans…oh! And a side of ranch, please.” I’ve gotten remarkably better about this. So, I am actually able to order my Sauna Chicken, sauce on the side, brown rice. When it arrives I put 1/2 away. One small victory for my kind. 

This morning my alarm went off at 5am for the gym. I rolled over to my husband and asked him if I should take today off since I’ve been sick. He tells me yes, not to go sweat everywhere and get sicker. I concur and go back to sleep. I’m usually tough on myself for these things, but I have a long bike this weekend and have decided to just brick my workout tomorrow. Another “healthy” win for me: listening to my body, taking care of myself and not quitting.

The random 5lbs I put on yesterday were gone this morning. Sadly, that means no weight loss this week thus far and I officially weigh in 2 days. Should be interesting. My body is beyond weird and it is still entirely possible I lose 2lbs.


100% unrelated: If you watch American Idol vote for Aaron Marcellus. He’s a friend of mine and one of the nicest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet. He’s humble and kind and incredibly talented. 

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