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Emotional Letdown

Pregnancy is a funny thing – you realize how little actually know about it until you’re pregnant. No one talks about the emotional let down and the hormonal changes that take place once you’re not pregnant. Postpartum Depression is JUST becoming a topic of discussion, which is wonderful, but what I didn’t realize is that … Continue reading



I guess the perk to “morning” sickness is that my toilets have never been so clean. As I found myself wrapped around my Porcelain God at 12:30am I recalled a conversation I had with my MidWife last week: Me: When will the dry-heaving, nausea and constant feeling of yaking stop? MidWife: It mostly stops…sometimes… for … Continue reading

Oh Body…

I lost 4lbs this past week! FOUR! The differences? I cut out high sugar fruit and Bourbon…and kept with my training. Saturday I drank Bourbon but still got up┬áSunday morning and rode my 10 miles! (Horrah for sticking to training despite a belly full of bourbon and 3 hours of sleep. FML.) Regardless, the scale … Continue reading