Cakes, Cribs, and Crying

I know I’ve been terrible about blogging. Like absolutely horrible. I think about it every day, but the truth is that there really isn’t anything to report. I haven’t hit the “I feel amazing – pregnancy rocks” stage yet. I still have morning sickness, feel like I’ve been hit by a mac track, and can’t get comfortable to sleep well. Everyone assures me the 2nd Trimester Amazingness is on its way. I refuse to complain about how I feel because of our journey. Every time I find myself curled over the toilet I find Kevin’s hand on my back reminding me that it’ll all be worth it – and he’s totally right.

We had a really busy weekend but a fun one to say the least!

I spent Thursday and Friday baking and decorating my Niece’s First Birthday Cake(s)! They had a big birthday party for her on the 4th since her Birthday is today!!! I’m totally in love with this little girl so it was an honor to do her cake.

CharleyCake SmashCake


Kevin assembled the crib over the weekend too! I’m in love with the blanket his Grandma gave us that she used with him as a baby. It’s just so sweet.




Weekly update: 17w

I cut all my hair off. Whaaa? 18w

But seriously, true story. Saturday morning we took the Dog to Camp Bow Wow since we knew we wouldn’t be home all day and the fireworks would scare him. Well, I was STARVING on the way home at about 1015am. I hadn’t had anything to eat and the only thing that sounded good was a cheeseburger. Kevin suggested we go through the McDonald’s by the house since that would be closer to 1030. Sure enough, we pull into drive thru at 1035 and the lady tells me they aren’t serving lunch until 11am. I burst into tears and sadly left McDonald’s. (Somehow Kevin managed to keep it together and not laugh until the following day when I was laughing about it.)



One thought on “Cakes, Cribs, and Crying

  1. i hear ya on the burger cry. the pregnancy struggle is real my friend! haha the puking, not feeling well, nit sleeping well is awful while you’re in it but Kevin is right. as soon as that baby girl is here it will be like it never happened abd you’ll be itching to do it all again! i hope you get to “second trimester awesomeness” very soon 🙂 (i only got about “two weeks of awesomeness” hahaha

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