Labor Training

I train. It’s what I do. It makes me feel good and like I have a purpose. I’m a goal oriented person that does well with a routine and enjoys knowing what comes next. I’m a planner. I like control. I own these qualities about myself. Yes, they make me a little neurotic, but I know this.

Being a first time mom, I absolutely know that nothing can truly prepare me for labor. Calm down 2nd time moms, I’m admitting that nothing can truly prepare me. However, I do know a few things:

My goal is to have an unmedicated, natural childbirth with Kevin coaching me. We actually start Bradley Method Classes in July. Kevin does really well under pressure and stays calm and focused. I’m counting on him to coach me through L&D. Hell, I figure if he’s gotten me through some pretty rough races (a 43 mile, hilly ass bike race in the mountains in the pouring rain and a 1/2 marathon in the pouring rain) why not try labor and delivery? I mean, he is the baby daddy and all.

I have a pretty high pain tolerance, especially when I focus. I can set my eye on something, zone in on that and push through a lot of pain.

Lastly, I’m not afraid. My goal is to birth without fear. My body is made and designed to birth babies. I just have to trust myself and the process.

Granted, if my OB is all “Hey, we have to do a C-section for the baby’s safety and/or yours” clearly, I’ll do it. Otherwise, my goal is to ride it out naturally.

Again, let me reiterate, I know nothing can truly prepare me for L&D; however, it’s an endurance event and I know how to train for those. So, now that the morning sickness is starting to fade, trying to fade, please just fade dammit, I am starting to formulate a training game plan. I’m in the prep portion of it, where I’m researching like mad and reading as much as I can get my hands on.

So far I’ve basically gathered that I need to do squats non stop until I am holding a baby, including during my L&D. Apparently giving birth while in the squatting position is very helpful for unmedicated births. So, obviously I’m going to start just living in the squat position.

Yoga is crazy helpful because again, it starts stretching everything in your body and teaches you how to relax while doing it. I used to take Yoga all the time. Looks like I gotta get back into it.

Low impact cardio is also beneficial. So, swimming, elliptical, stationary bike, etc.

I went to the gym twice last week in the AM and just did the elliptical for 30 minutes. Both times I went I was RAVENOUS after for the ENTIRE day. Like, non stop eating. I had no control over it. 45 minutes after I’d eat a meal my stomach would be audibly growling during meetings. I’m definitely an AM gym person, so I need to figure out a way to manage the hunger all day after. I want to gain a little weight, not all of it.

The only thing I’m waiting on is this boost of energy everyone keeps telling me the 2nd trimester brings. Well, tomorrow is 15 weeks and I have none of said energy. All I want to do is sleep. All day. Every day. And when I can sleep, I do sleep. Is it time for sleep?

I’ve actually managed to meal prep since we’ve been back from the beach. That’s a miracle. I’m eating real, clean, whole foods – except for the out of nowhere Taco Bell craving I had all last week. What the hell? So bizarre. I LOVED Taco Bell when I was in HS. I really havent had it much in 10 years though. 3 times last week. The cravings seem to change often, but when they’re here, I NEED it.

Anyhow! Here are my pic updates.

13w5d 14w5d


Kevin got this one when I wasn’t paying attention and I LOVE it.


One thought on “Labor Training

  1. You’re so cute, boo! Taco Bell is the jam. Also I got a great image of you waddling around in a squat for the rest of your life. You’re right, though. Your body is made for this, you have those child bearing hippos, and you’re gonna beast this just like everything else. Love you so much!

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