On Your Left

montagebikeCobwebs, flat tires, and my wraps that desperately need to be re-wrapped. What is the PSI again? How does this pump work? KEEEEVVVVIIIINNNN. ‘MERGENCY!!!  He gets off a conference call and comes to my aid.

My bike rack needs to be put back on. How do I do that again? Apparently by breaking a nail and trying to break my thumb. It was a sad sight to be seen.

But, I do it. I rack my bike and hit the road.

It was the same feeling I had the first time I rode clipped in. I feel like a total novice and I’m slightly embarrassed. I won’t lie, “Will my big ass break my bike?” crossed my mind. I know it’s crazy, but hell, the damn thing only weights 13 pounds. My bike was over a thousand dollars and my big ass isn’t trying to break the frame. I slowly get on in case something goes terribly awry and I feel the frame shattering into a million pieces. Like I’d be be able to do anything other than go down with it.

Oh shit. I’m going to fall. I’m definitely going to fall. Yep, I’m falling. 

deer1 deer2But I never fall. Actually, I feel great. The weather is perfect: cloudy and 80’ish. The wind hits my face perfectly and no bugs fly into my mouth either. Success!  The path is quiet which instantly puts me at ease. And then I see three deer! So, I slow down, unclip and get off. I rummage through my bike bag and find my phone so I can take a picture. I waddle (yes, waddle- padded shorts and cleats are no joke) over to the left side of the road to snap a pic of these beloved deer and I hear, “ON YOUR LEFT” as a guy whizzes past me and I manage to shriek, “OH MY GOD! I’M SO SORRY” and make a totally wonky embarrassed face…he just flies past me shaking his head.  I waddle back to my bike and resume riding. I count a total of 11 deer!

quads on fire

Overall, the ride was a huge success. I felt great! In fact, it really was like I’d never stopped. Until I did stop. And unclipped. And my quads nearly explode. Holy hell. I’d leg pressed 290lbs the day before and while my legs were tired, they weren’t exhausted. Sweet Jesus – the jello like feeling took over and I tried not to collapse. According to my bike computer I did 8 miles in a little under 40 minutes, peaking at about 22mph and averaging around 14mph. Nowhere near the average 18mph ride I once had, but it felt real good to get back on my bike and just ride. I skipped spin this morning so I can ride tonight. Game on!

2 thoughts on “On Your Left

  1. makes me want to get my bike tuned up and give it a try…I haven’t been on a bike in YEARS … we have awesome trails here, maybe it’s time 🙂

  2. Question about your bike, would you mind sharing the process for buying your first road bike? I currently just have my $100 mountain bike which I’m excepting will unexpectedly fall apart one day so I want to be prepared and internet searches have been surprisingly unhelpful so far :/

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